Conducting A Drug Test in Your Company

Many companies will know if their employees have been taking drugs through a series of drug tests. Employers often want to use methods that the drug screens will match the employee screening policies. Every panel consists of different drugs being tested and how many drugs that the company wants the employees to be tested for. It is important to test your employees if you notice that they are neglecting their job or they are not as productive as they were in the beginning. It is also possible to help employees suffering from drug abuse if the company detects the problem early. Check out 10 panel drug screen

What Are the Different Types of Panels Available?
Which Is the Best Panel
The panels represent the number of drugs that should be tested though it not clear which drugs should be tested in each panel. The seven-panel drug test is conducted when the company suspects that employees are abusing prescription drugs. The drug test is often done by industrial companies since using the drugs might impair the ability of a machine operator to carry out their work accordingly.

Where You Can Do a Drug Test
You should consider if you are going to test your employees on-site or at a clinic first. The term 'panel' compromises of types of drug or category of drugs that are included in a drug test There is a ten-panel of drug tests that are available and can screen various type of drugs which you suspect are being abused in your company. The five -panel drug is the most cost-effective method available and can also be used by companies in the transport industry. Click!

You should choose a drug test depending on the type of industry your company is in. You should visit a drug testing company so that you know what options you have. There are drug test kits which you can buy and have your employees do the screening in the workplace. Saliva test kits are the best since some clients might fear needles and it is less time-consuming.

What to Look for When Choosing a Drug Screening Company?
Find a reputable company that can deliver the test kits to you and conduct the screening with the utmost professionalism. It might take time to receive the results depending on the panel that you are using. It is important to do a drug screening to ensure the safety of your staff and discourage drug abuse in the company which might cost you a lot of money in the long run.

The tenth panel involves the testing of street drugs which include cocaine, heroin, meth, weed and PCP. The company will probably send the results to your email, or you can go pick them up at their offices. Visit